GL-AP1300 Can't start in uboot mode

I am attempting to flash a new GL-AP1300 with a new version of openwrt and this needs to be done through uboot. I am trying to get the it in the reset uboot mode, following the instructions to hold the reset button down on boot for 5 LED flashes. However, then the LED always starts to flash rapidly and I am not able to connect to the device. I should mention that it is only the Power LED that is flashing, not the network one. What state is this in?

Do you use OpenWRT 22.03 or snapshot?
Some newer ap1300 have Gigadevice GD5F1GQ5UExxG nand and not supported by 22.03
need to compile from source with this patch.

Snapshot OpenWRT support that nand, but the GL-AP1300 target is disable for DSA driver transition.
can be readded with this pull commit.

Finally, uboot should flash the.ubi file, or write to nand will fail if you use nand-sysupgrade.bin
that will cause boot fail and uboot web start again, while Power LED flashing rapidly.