GL-AP1300 Disconnects Often + Other questions

Hi Gl.iNet forum

I am excited by your devices and am trying to learn basics fast given my current situation. I am rural environment with no access to wired internet. I am looking for guides to set up an internet connection through LTE so that I can work remotely during COVID pandemic. Right now I am relying on phone hotspots and hoping that gl.iNet devices can help (I am also trying the phone tethering to gl.ar750s but that is having issues too)

Although I posted yesterday that I had gotten the Cirrus working with LTE card from Visible, now I am having some problems. Visible is a mobile phone ISP owned and operated by Verizon. I have Visible LTE routing working well on MoFI 4500 so I think it should be possible on Cirrus as well.

  1. Signal connects and then 1-10 minutes later it will drop off. System log message is
    Fri Jun 26 18:30:47 2020 pppd[5224]: LCP terminated by peer
    It seems to be rejected by the ISP? I wonder if there is some way I can register the SIM better. APN settings are correct (VSBLINTERNET)

  2. I can run AT commands to USB3 but when I try to use USB3 for 3G/4G modem on Internet GUI page I get an error “device busy”

  3. I can set the 3g/4g modem to USB4 but I cannot run AT commands successfully on that device

  4. I get this warning often in system log
    Fri Jun 26 18:30:47 2020 daemon.warn pppd[5224]: Could not determine remote IP address: defaulting to

  5. I cannot set the at+cgdcont to this line which I found at this link
    at+cgdcont=1,“IPV4V6”,“VSBLINTERNET”. It always goes back to at+cgdcont=1,“IP”,“VSBLINTERNET”
    ^ I am not sure of this but link seems to say that IPV4V6 may be better for Visible

  6. I get this error often:
    Fri Jun 26 18:30:44 2020 daemon.notice netifd: modem_1_1 (5012): cat: can’t open ‘/tmp/’: No such file or directory

  7. All references to modem in log and LuCI are for 3g - is that to be expected? My network Visible can only support 4g/LTE - there is no 3G support at all

Please let me know if there is any assistance that can be provided. Thank you!

First to answer some of your questions.

2, you can only set up connection using ttyUSB2 or ttyUSB3. When you set up LTE connection using ttyUSB3, you should use ttyUSB2 to send AT commands. When you use ttyUSB2 for connection, send AT command using ttyUSB3.

3, you cannot use ttyUSB4. It is for other purpose.

7, the log shows 3g should be OK. It does not mean that you only have 3G connection. It is just what the program using compatible protocols.

For 1, 4, 5, this should related to your carrier. Can you try changing TTL like post below. For 6, I am not sure. But seems it is related to 1, 4 and 5 as well.

Hi, thank you so much for your patience with my questions.

I am unable to get any connection at all when I try ttyUSB2. Whenever I try ttyUSB3 from the GUI page I get “device busy”. ttyUSB4 is the only “register” the sim and is able to get me to the scenario where I can get internet for a few minutes at a time. ttyUSB3 seems to be the only one i can send the AT commands from. Should I try resetting to original settings and try only using ttyUSB2?

I tried the TTL switch on both ttl = 64 and 65 but no luck

It is possible that the ISP is doing something to interfere with the connection because I have had problems tethering as well. I was hoping Cirrus would do better because it is a more direct approach similar to MoFi 4500 (which is working)

For 5 - Is the router firmware setting the at+cgdcont to a default value by any chance? I feel like my changes are working in the AT Commands but I cannot get connection just from AT commands, it only works after Modem Reset or hitting “Apply” from GUI page. I am wondering if resetting or applying changes reverts the value to some default.

Thank you again!!