GL-AP1300 External WiFi Antenna Mod

When I opened my GL-AP1300, I noticed each internal WiFi antenna has a U.FL connector.

My Question:
If I connect a pigtail connector for external WiFi antennas would they work, and should I use RP-SMA or just SMA antennas?

Other posters in the forum have added external wifi antennas to other routers (e.g., GL-AR750S) in the same way. The detachable wifi antennas I have seen on routers are RP-SMA and the connector is less important than making sure the pigtail matches the antennas (matches gender also).

SMA is supposed to be for LTE/4G/3G, but there are some devices using RP-SMA for cellular.

Avoid long pigtails as there may be interference and signal loss. You may or may not get better signal strength, depending on how the external antennas are set up.

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