GL-AP1300-LTE(Cirrus) Compatible Quectel Modems

Hi I would like to ask what other Quectel modems are compatible with GL-AP1300-LTE(Cirrus) I want to try a Cat 12 or better. Would it work with a Quectel RM500Q-GL with the correct adapter?

Iā€™m also interested to know if RM500 could work with any GL router?

Well no one has had any answers, I did try an em160r-gl and it did not work, so an rm500q-gl will not either.

Hoping someone can confirm if a em12 would work?

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It need software driver for the modem. Seems that the driver is not installed.

How do I install it?

Basically Quectel provide the software driver. Then need to compare the code to what openwrt provided. If not there, need to add. So it is not easy.

But one thing you can try is to use openwrt snapshot firmware OpenWrt Firmware Selector

Hopefully all the software drivers has been there. Just need to configure using luci.

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If I flash that firmware, will the GL.iNET firmware GUI be erased?

Yes you are right. It is OpenWrt vanilla firmware. No our UI.

Do you know when will there be a GL.iNET based on OpenWRT version 21.x.x for the GL-AP1300 Cirrus?

It would be good to have a known list of modems that work.

Yes, we are working on this. Because we are going to firmware 4.x, this could be a little slow because too many software pacakges to port.

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Thank you, I will be waiting patiently for firmware 4.x for my GL-AP1300 LTE (Cirrus)

I was able to run my 160 in qmi Gl-E750 , need to edit the file