GL-AP1300 SIM card cannot be registered

I have a GL-AP1300 that I want to test with a T-Mobile business tablet SIM card. SIM was registered in an iPad and connects to cellular network. On the AP1300 I modified the IMEI to match the iPad and inserted the SIM. Set TTL to 64 and APN to Getting SIM card cannot be registered message however.

Here are some details of the device…
Revision: EC25AFFAR07A08M4G

Per other posts I tried issuing AT+QPRTPARA=3 but it returns ERRROR.

Open for any additional suggestions

Clean the simcard.

Check the modem firmware is up to date.

Check the apn settings and network type etc.

Check that these modems can use the provider network you’re connecting to.

Set the imei back to original. The machines know if the imei is genuine or not. If the sim was issued with the ipad then I’m sure there will be a device lock of sorts on the sim or network itself, unless you can get it to work in a normal phone and prove me wrong… Apple are well known for lock down jigger pokery…

SIM cleaned
FW up to date (v3.217)
APN correct -
Confirmed modem works with T-Mobile
Moved the SIM to a Samsung S8 to test and it worked

Tried changing the IMEI back to the original. With all of that, still getting SIM card cannot be registered.

The s8. Is that a personal phone or a work phone in enterprise mode?

The S8 is a personal phone.

If you haven’t solved the problem yet, try upgrading to a beta version of 4.3.7

If you haven’t solved the problem yet, try upgrading to a beta version of 4.3.7.

Finally made progress last night. After trying everything imaginable, I turned focus to a hardware issue. I disassembled the router and removed the modem from the Mini PCIe slot. Cleaned the leads with some contact cleaner and reconnected. Low and behold the SIM registered. It’s been running this morning with no issues so far.

Cannot believe this works.