GL-AP1300 WiFi shutting off (or whole device shutting off)

Hi, I’m using a GL-AP1300 as a WiFi router. WAN is connected to a cable modem. The SIM is removed for troubleshooting.
This AP1300 is meshed to a second GL-AP1300 using Wi-Fi backhaul.

The Wi-Fi drops off frequently and for about a minute.
I have not been able to check if only the Wifi is off or is the whole router down.

Any suggestions to solve these annoying service interruptions?

Also, a curious thing: the AP1300 has topsoil topside LEDs. During non-mesh config both LEDs would be on full power. But in Mesh confit one LED is full power and the right side is half power (or bleed through of the left LED.)

For the LED, it just seems one is not on. The one one the right side is for Internet. So it seems that because no cable connected, the LED is just off.

For the mesh, how did you set up?

Also can you give the system log? in both nodes?

I activated Mesh by running:
ACTION=released BUTTON=wps SEEN=5 /sbin/hotplug-call button &
SSH CLI on both devices simultaneously.

Please point me to instructions for downloading system log files.
( I see I can copy the log from the Parent device via Luci UI
but I don’t know how to capture log from the Child device via CLI.
Please point me to CLI instructions. )

Please remind that when activating mesh, the sub device should not have wan connection.
Have you got sub device shown in Main device?

This is a bug, once sub device mesh sucessfully, it should has internet led on.
When snapshot firmware fixed this I’ll let you know.

The sub device will turn off UI, so you can only access it by ssh. :sweat:
To get its ip, run command in main devce:

cat /etc/config/gl_son

Thanks for the reply Hansome.

Yes, the Main can see Sub.
Correct: Sub has no cable attached to WAN.

I can see Sub device’s IP in main device’s UI: Clients.
(Though there is also some incorrect information shown here. )

Re. LEDs,
AP1300 seems to have only two LED options— Power and LTE

LTE led should be Internet led.
When wifi drops off, does the main device have internet led on? If turn sub device off, will station reconnect to main device’s wifi?

When wifi drops off, does the main device have internet led on?

I have not had the opportunity to observe.

If turn sub device off, will station reconnect to main device’s wifi?

Yes, Sub reconnects on startup.
But if Main is powered off, Sub does not reconnect.

In playing around with the devices to troubleshoot the service interruption/crashing error, I turned off AdGuard. Now AdGuard will not turn back on. The UI reports a DNS confirmation error conflict. (The device has default DNS settings; I don’t know what causes this error.)

I leave AdGuard OFF and the interruption/crashing has stopped.

note: the interruption/crashing was occurring with both firmwares 3.202 and 3.212
(AdGuard 0.107.5-1)