GL-AP1300LTE cellular compatibility

I’m confused about which GL-AP1300LTE version to purchase.
Is there a compatibility table showing which GL-AP1300LTE is compatible with with carriers/cellular systems around the world? (Or a clear explanation of the compatibilities of the EP06 and EC25 radio modules.)

Specifically: I’d like to install GL-AP1300LTE in my mother’s house to give her a 4G backup to her cable service. I have not yet selected the carrier. I’d like to purchase the device that offers the most carrier flexibility (options) for the USA market.

thanks Stephen

You can refer to this image. It is for X750 but the info of modem is what you should pay attention.

For US, you need to choose North American modules, e.g. EC25-AFFA and EP06-A.

Pls check if the band your carrier is using is in the list.

I purchased the EC25-AFFA version of AP1300.
I’m in HK trying to set it up for export to USA. My Google Fi [Tmobile] SIMs (I’ve tested three) all report “SIM card not registered”.
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I understand that the EC25-AFFA is required for use in North America.
Can this radio not connect in HK, ie: must I set up EC25-AFFA only in the USA?

EC25-AFFA does not work in HK.

You only can set up in the USA.