Gl-ap1300lte - install sqm qos

Hi devs, am setting up gl-ap1300lte

Is it possible to install sqm QoS (cake) ?

I can’t find it in ‘plug-ins’

sqm-scripts_1.0.7 is available, do you mean this package?

Oh yea, I found this too, in the luci interface, but it only has fq codel qdisc, no cake qdisc

i installed luci-app-sqm and sqm scripts, doesnt work, and cake qdisc also missing

i think sqm qos (cake qos) is very useful, especially GL-AP and GL-B routers, dont know why dear developer doesnt put it in the glinet-ui

We will try to put in firmware 3.200

here is my example of sqm qos running on luci openwrt (router is wrt32x)

i set different limits on specific interfaces, i determine the optimum speed that my local wireless clients can transmit without bloat (lower ping time)

wlan1 is wireless N 2.4g, wlan0 is wireless ac 5g.

i set to these 2 interface, about 28mbit/s to download (which is upload for wireless client)

and i set to the WAN 48mbit/s upload (my fibre’s upload limit is 50mbit/s)

all these settings can improve the connection quality for the wireless clients, especially when they play mobile games (bufferbloat)

you can also set shaping limit for wireguard / openvpn interface, if you want to limit bandwidth usage.

of course the shaping you wish for, the bigger cpu processing power and ram required

I think your quad core routers and gl-mv routers should be able to handle some work reasonably

the disadvantage, is if you are looking to limit bandwidth to specific IP address, this will not work

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Hey @alzhao any idea when this will be released?
Having QOS or SQM built into the GLi UI would be AMAZING!!!

Struggling getting QOS/SQM working.

Would love an idea on release?



Working hard on 3.200 firmware this month but sorry still do not have our own UI for this.

@Evoleadr I wrote up a guide for SQM QoS. Hope it helps tide you over until @alzhao makes some UI and Cake. :slight_smile: