GL-AR-150 Switch Functionality

It appears that the AR-150 has a switch on the unit.

What are the default functions of the switch?

Is the switch configurable to control, for example, Wireless on/off, USB on/off, or to choose between 2 different configurations?

Hi Ranger,

The switch is connected to GPIO 8. It is totally configurable, you can control for wireless on/off, usb on/off or choose between 2 different configurations for sure. You can also use it to turn on/off services, e.g. VPN, tor, guest wifi etc.

The USB power is controlled by GPIO 6. So you can configure the switch to turn on/off USB.

Look in

The reset button will toggle wifi if you press it for less than 2 seconds. If you press and hold it for more than 5 seconds it looks like it factory resets.

Is that functionality of the reset button defined by a customizable script somewhere? Or only hardcoded?
I didn’t know you can turn the WiFi on and off with the reset button.

The reset button scripts is in /etc/rc.button/reset

The script for switch is /etc/rc.button/BTN_8

So everything is configurable.

I found the script at /etc/rc.button/reset
I discovered an issue with the original reset-script: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet