GL AR-150 Unstable Connection to Laptop

I have updated the firmware by drag n drop. Now that it has been updated, I cant access it via the usual or via the previous IP (I set it at

It is connected but the settings cant be accessed via IP. Do you know the IP @alzhao ?

what is the IP address you got on your pc?

You can simply reset the router by press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. But all of your settings will be cleared.

I have reset my router before. Now I tried it again and it doesnt work.

I accessed the router using but is failed.

I understand what you are saying. But the first thing to check is the LED status and the IP you got on your pc.

Pls check this video guide about how to find your IP on windows.

Thanks. The IPV4 Default Gateway is correct. I still can’t access it via though.

I guess I have to de-brick it? CMIIW


Seems this is fine. Do not need to debrick.

Do you have vpn turnning on the pc?

Do you have Internet?

Can you ping or on your pc?

I can ping both IP on my usual internet, but cannot ping when connected to GL Inet.

No I don’t use VPN…

I can determine the reason.

Can we set up a remote check using anydesk?

Hello, sorry I disappeared @alzhao :sweat_smile:

If you can kindly check my router, will it be possible? :pray:

As all info is 2 years old. Please send your request with details to support at

We will reply from there

I already using unbrick method and install the new firmware all over. Thanks for your response