GL-AR 300M: External Antenna


i am using a GL-AR300M with 2 external antennas. Which of the antennas, in WISP mode, is for my own (internal) WIFI and which for the other (external) WIFI (e.g. Hotel)?

Thanks for reply.

both antenna works the same, not separately.

So both works as STA and AP.

Rather than creating multiple, somewhat similar threads, I’ve some dumb questions along the lines of external antennas- so I’m recycling the thread a bit… >:-D

In the current AR300M design, what gain are the circuit board antennas supposed to have compared to an external? And, what type of connectors are on the circuit board for supporting externals- U.Fl?

I ordered an extra one (since I got enough functionality sorted out with the latest firmware to be able to use my USB dongle directly like it’s supposed to…), but I ordered the one with the internals since it could be shipped via Amazon via Prime properly and the other was looking at a long delay or spending half of the price of the unit in shipping to get it in viable time lines. I’ve got some external antenna lash-ups (U.Fl to SMA and RP-SMA…) and some spare 2-5 dB gain antennas- but if I’m looking at 2-ish dB on the on-boards…I’d just as soon leave this one be because it’ll be “perfect” all the way around. It’s not as all-in-one-ish like the MiFi version, but I can power it with all sorts of 5v battery packs and sources (For example, the AR300M would run quite a long time off of a 20000 Ah phone charge brick…even as a WiFi as WAN or LTE/3G router…)

The PCB antenna gain should be around 2.5dbm

It is uFL connect


Thanks for the reply. Now I understand things a bit better.