GL-AR-750 Creta, broken after update firmware from 3.104 to 3.105

Today i installed for testing the 3.015 for checking which bugs was fixed or open from follow buglist:

  • Short test of openwrt-ar750-3.104.bin

  • After update and reboot, the router ask for password. After insert, the router give a light blue screen on webbrowser.

  • After Reboot no website from router are available.

  • After reset to factory default, no router website are available. Now all 3 LED from router are active.

Please fix the good known bugs on 3.104 bug list. Its time to stop here for some time to lost time again and again. Now I activated Open VPN on one PC. Its working fast and stable. Dont have some features a dont have a long list of security issues and non stable connections.

After finishing a stable 3.2, 3.3 or what ever firmware and fixing, the long buglist from deleted bugtracer and from short test of 3.104 firmware, it can be i will check one device again.

Please GL Team. Take care the gl firmware. The customer and the share holder will like it.


I think, I have the same problem with firmware 3.105 after updating yesterday from 3.027.

Open VPN doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

I need help
How can I go back to a stable version ?



I just tried AR750, upgrade from 3.104 and 3.027 to version 3.105. It works without problem. Also openvpn using Nord is working good.

Can you give more details of what did you set up before upgrade?

Also which openvpn service you are using?

I did find a bug when using special characters causing root cannot ssh to the router.

I will call back all 3.105 until we can release.

It can be it will help for constantly improve the firmware:

  • not to use one firmware version number for more than one version (for deleted and current newer versions)
  • restore and use the deleted bug tracker
  • inform transparently for every future firmware version, which bugs was fixed on new firmware version and which features were added

Thats my two cents on this

I will add this to GL-AR-750 Creta, broken after update firmware from 3.104 to 3.105. The actual alternate, to the deleted bugtracker.