Test version availability for AR750s / AR750

has there been a change in policy in terms of making test versions available to customers?

I am asking because the entire “testing” folder has disappeared from the firmware download site for the AR750s, and the folder does exist for the AR750 but has been emptied out.

This was covered in other threads. There is a bug in the 3.105 firmware so it was pulled. It will be back when its fixed.

I think that he means that there are many firmwares that have disappeared - not only the 3.105 - the whole ‘testing’ folder is missing,

The folder is still there. When there is no active beta release it will be empty.

Why the older firmwares were removed i don’t know, maybe a mistake by the devs. There should always be at least one older firmware to revert to.

Hi guys newbie here. Im searching for creta fix after upgrade to 3.105. Anyone know how I can go back to 3.104? After upgrade it starts to play up by disconnecting from tethered usb stick. To start creta again I have to unplug and replug the power cord. Any help will be great.

You can just download firmware and upgrade.


If you go back to old firmware, do not reserve settings