GL-AR150 can I use 2.0 amp input?

I have the GL-AR150 router.
I see it is powered by 5V 1A input. I have a 5V 2.0A 100VAC adapter…would it be harmful to the router to input at 2.0 amp??



Yes you could always use a charger thats rated 5V 2A. This will not damage the device. However just be aware that your charger has to be DC, not AC.

When your device says 5V 2.0A 100VAC, then this could be harmful to the device, as it runs of DC power, not AC power. You need to find a charger that outputs 5V DC.

Thanks for your reply. Well, none of the adapters I use say whether it is 5VDC or AC but I assume they are DC as they are USB chargers and that would be DC I think? Should be ok then, correct?

Connect and stay far away :slight_smile:

Ah yes, if they are cell phone chargers they will work fine for powering the GL-Inet router.

Just to clarify:

  • The ‘100VAC’ most likely refers to the input. (My adapter has ‘100-240VAC’ on it, meaning it would work in Europe (generally around 220V), and US (generally 110V).)
  • The ‘2A’ is the maximal current that the adapter can supply. This is the “amount of electricity” the device consumes. If your device asks for less than this, all good (e.g. all the small GL-iNet routers will never ask for more that 1A unless they’re broken). (BTW, if your device asks for more, a good adapter will either limit to 2A or shut down, a bad adapter will burn out.)

Thanks for the replies. Good to know as I dont necessarily want the router hanging off my laptop USB while traveling. I got reply from support too and they confirmed it is ok. Thanks