GL-AR150 external LAN access

Hello, i have an GL-AR150 with an usbstick that gives internet trough 4G.

The idea is give support to a remote device.
Best idea is router have VPN server with DDNS.
On my computer connect the VPN and get access to the lan of the router.

I have problems with DDNS on my GL-AR150.
test results said:
Your DDNS is resolved as
But this router is behind NAT or you do not have a Public IP address.

Also have problems with the OpenVpnServer, i generate the file.
But when i use the client said that key is not configured.

thanks for help me.

It is not that common that you get traffic from the outside through an ISP connection (4G).

See: Carrier-grade NAT - Wikipedia for more information.

Is it possible to connect directly, without the DDNS? If not, above seems to be the rootcause.

I found that my USB modem work in host-less mode.
Then i had to confirure it as tethering, thats why VPN detects a NAT.

Here is the explanation.

On the same page is a devide list with compatible 3G-4G modems and my device is on the list:
HUAWEI - E3372
and is also recomended as “regular modem” on this page:

Can you help me to solve this problem?
i purchase everything as recomended and i cannot use the device as it was planned to.
Thank you very much.

To solve your problem, you first have to identify your problem.

If your ISP doesn’t give you a public IP, you will not be able to connect from the outside - no matter what hardware you have/buy/set-up.

So first you have to find out if you have a public IP (either by trying or by googling).

my ISP give me public IP address.
But, the USB 3g is detected as tethering GL-AR150 thinks that he is behind a NAT.
any sugestions?

So the question seems to be if you can forward the port needed in the HUAWEI to the GL-AR150.

You should either set up port forward on your huawei 3372 or set it as non-hostless mode if you can.

I suppose that it has a web UI to set up.