GL-AR150 pineapple nano firmware (need help)

I build a firmware builder for our GL-AR150 to build the latest firmware to create a pineapple. (GitHub - bruvv/pineapple-firmware-builder: WiFi Pineapple firmware builder. Build the latest firmware)
The only thing is, since firmware 2.0.1 they found some sort of check to see if the pineAP is running on non HAK5 hardware.

I have done a lot of stuff already but as far as I can tell it is checking the memory. Could it be that it can check uboot and get to see that it is a GL-AR150?

I think there is a model flag on flash, they will read the flag at first, and check if it is a HAK5 device. However, we don’t know where is it and how to store.

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Yes they do and that was easy to fake. I changed the model to the correct version. So that is not it. It has to be something in the memory. Perhaps uboot ? But I’m not sure if you can read the uboot. When the os is booted. Anyone has some info on this ?

I guess the information read by the Pineapple firmware is available to the kernel at least…

The firmware reads /proc/cmdline for the kernel boot parameters & dmesg
It looks for the strings PINEAPPLE NANO or PINEAPPLE TETRA, and some hex strings.
I just got a real Pineapple so I will do some analysis to see where the magic strings are located.


Hi…I narrowed it down to a bad SD card. Have you tried formatting/swapping that out? I also found that i get the best results by using the Y cable plugged into a battery pack with 2 outputs. I use a tertiary radio to connect the pineapple to my hotspot. When the tertiary radio is down, or if the pineapple is under very heavy load I’ve seen this as well. Also, do you already have PineAP running when you attempt to recon?

pcb assembly markham

Where are you talking about?:joy:

yeah, but why?

HAK5 is in the business of selling HW to pay for their SW development. Trying to run their FW on something else is taking away from them as a business, and how they pay their staff.

Most, if not all, the packages they roll over OpenWRT are easily found.

Mostly the technical challenge. You notice that there are like 4 posts in this thread over nearly a year. I doubt this is going to hit their bottom line in any great way. FWIW I subscribe to their YouTube channel so they get ad revenue from that.

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