GL-AR150 POE and USB power output

Hi I recently purchased a new GL-AR150 with POE built it. I was wondering what the power output of the USB port is when using POE as power source? I’m planing use the usb port to power an iPhone for tethering.




That should be OK. The max output of USB-A is 1.5A.

I got this 12v 1A POE adapter, Do you think it will be ok?

I am not an expert but USB = 5V and yours is 12V, so you might fry whatever you want to use it for.

The PoE is 48V 802.3af. 12V PoE doesn’t work.

DONT connect USB 5V and PoE at the same time. It will burn immediately.

ok thanks, I will get a 48V 802.3af compatible PSU