GL-AR150 PoE passthrough modification

I know the GL-AR150-PoE will only accept PoE on its WAN port and not pass it through to the LAN port. I am looking to make a hardware modification to enable this.

I have already tried soldering jumper wires from the 4 PoE pins (2 pairs for each of the two different wiring PoE configurations) on the WAN jack to the LAN jack. While this DID pass PoE power to the LAN jack, it also seemingly bricked something else. I am able to use the serial console and I now see “br-lan: received packet on eth1 with own address as source address”. I bought this device for experimenting and knew the risks going in.

I have a second device that I would like to modify but this time am looking for guidance as to how to properly perform the modification (if it is even possible). I only see 2 pairs of data lines coming from each jack (each of which is connected to a resistor so figured there were no internal traces), and this isn’t a gigabit-capable device anyway so assumed the PoE pairs were not connected to anything else, but apparently that’s not the case. I also assume the Ethernet magnetics are contained within the dual-port RJ45 connector but as there is no part number on the connector I cannot find a datasheet which gives the schematic/pinout.

I obviously don’t have access to the GL-AR150 schematic so can’t verify whether this is possible. Could you provide a part number/distributor for the dual-port RJ45 connector so I can view the schematic and possibly order a replacement? Thanks!

The boards are proprietary so you can’t get a schematic for those.
It does seem like maybe you missed some diodes and the power went back into the board on the LAN side somehow? You should add some diodes so that the power doesn’t go the wrong way.