GL-AR150 seems capped to 10mbps


I’ve configured my GL-AR150 ( Powered by LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-18.196.56128-9112198) / OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f) bridging a wifi connection
Encryption: WPA2 - EAP
Cipher: Auto
Authentication: EAP-MSCHAPV2
Password: XXXX

seems that the data are “capped” to 10/12mbps, when I connect directly to the source my iPhone 11 Pro, she speed is 40mbps, if I connect the iPhone to the GL-AR150 bridged to the source the velocity slow down to 10mbps…

any idea about how to solve this data loss???

seems impossible that I can bridge only 1/3 of original speed.

thank you in advance.


never mind I missed the eap comment.

  1. your using the same wifi adapter on the ar-150 to talk between the iphone and wifi access point.
  2. ar150 is a different brand wifi adapter than iphone and can have diffent connectivity connection rates.
  3. try an ethernet client off router and see if there is improvement.

In repeater - you halve the BW as the chip needs to split the connection.

As @rp201rp mentions, try a device hanging off the ethernet port.

Have you any screenshot regarding what I have to do to try to solve this problem?

thank you

No problem to solve actually.

It’s how WiFi works - it’s half duplex on one end, so when you add another leg on the same chipset, it’s going to take twice the amount of time.

Remember the game of “Telephone” when we were kids - it’s kind of the same - listen to the message first, and then tell the next person.

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you are right… with lan cable I’ve an x2,5 performance compared to wi-fi bridge

I will try to connect a switch to the lan cable