GL-AR150 Wifi Scanning stopped abruptly

I have been trying to troubleshoot my 2 GL-AR150’s for almost a year now. The problem is that the AR150’s suddenly stopped scanning for WIFI networks, when used in client mode. A Wifi scan returns no results.

iwinfo wlan0 scan shows “Scanning not possible”. I have posted the details on the following thread:

When used as an access point, the AR150 works fine. However, I do want to use one of them in client mode and one of them in AP mode.
I tried everything. I replaced the antenna on one of the routers. I also replaced the pigtail connector. I flashed the firmware several times, from Uboot also. I updated to the clean version of OpenWRT LuCi. Everything. Still the Wifi scanning isn’t working. I am suspecting that the ART partition must be damaged somehow. I don’t have a backup of the ART partition. Can you please provide me a BIN file and the procedure to rebuild/restore/reflash the ART partition?

Both my AR-150s are affected. Thanks in advance.

I ve the same problem its the second ar 150 that is affected by the same problem. Any solution?

So the router can never do scanning, right?

Can you send back for investigation? Don’t have a clue.

It s the second time it happens the first time I have changed the router for some months it worked fine then it stopped scanning access points.
I use it to repeat an enterprise access point configuring in luci ( advanced settings)
After a total reset (10 second pressure reset button) when I scan for access points it works fine, then I join the access point, I set eap username
& password and after pressing save and apply it connects some time for some seconds and sometimes not at all.
Then when I scan for access points (now its in client mode) the result is zero till reboot or till I enter the basic interface and in repater mode is able to see access points (but in basic interface its not possible configure eap username & password).
Yes I can send back and I would like change with another model you can suggest thats not affected by the problem and able to repeat eap ( wpad preinstalled)

@uurrgg If it act as repeater and fail to connect to AP, it will fail to scan ap.