Gl-ar300 l2pt vpn shellfire over wwan

Hello i tried to configure my gl-ar300 router to use vpn via l2pt vpn.

There is no wireshar or open vpn available.

The User Gui have no l2pt support at the new firmware but at the advanced configuration its. Possible to setup l2pt at the interface section.

I tried to configure it at wwan interface bit the problem is that i use anorher wifi for wan on wwan.

Whow schoud i configure it that all traffik goes over l2pt vpn an tunneling over wwan?



You have successfully configured L2TP, haven’t you?
Can you share your configuration?
If you want all data to pass through the wwan, try adding the following routing rules

ip route add dev tun
ip route add dev tun
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try this tutorial. it is for ipsec but the procedure should be the same: