GL-AR300M-12b-NOR firmware 3.010


After turn it of all settings are gone.

If you choose keep settings all old settings should be reserved.

If they are gone it means something was wrong. Was the flash too full so that file system can be built?


Where do I choose keep all settings.

I have setup wireguard server and the router is connected with cable.
If I disconnect router from electric I must setup wireguard again.

When you upgrade from old firmware you have options to keep the settings or not.

Can you ssh to the router and get the following?



I not talk about after upgrading.
I did not keep the old settings because I not need them.
After upgrade I got wireguard server and client as new vpn service,
It work good but when I turn of electric on router the setting for wireguard
is gone

The configuration files won’t be lose after reboot. Could you please double check for other settings? Such as LAN IP.