GL-AR300M-748 speed? Help!

Hi there.

I use the GL-AR300M-748 for Dj-ing in the dj booth. When i connect to wifi (200/200) as repeater ik get 2/30​:triumph::sweat_smile: and on telefoon same network i also get 200/200 how is this possible?

Can some one help me?

AR300M is 2.4G only. You should get a dual-band router (2.4G and 5G) which works much better.

Thanks! Yes we only use it for tether internet from iphone. (Cable) or connect too wifi of place we are and make own netwerk with Deco m5 system. Is 2,4 ghz zo slowing down?

2M is not good.

But 30M is good number for 2.4G

Yes 30 is ok but why I get 2? And on network with iPhone i get 200/200?

Sorry that I don’t know.

Dns issue or ip conflict with another device?