GL-AR300M automatic/timed reboot


Im using the GL-AR300M and I would like to reboot the router each night (02…03:00am), to get a new IP from my VPN provider.
Is there is a option to that automatically?
Didn’t found an option for times reboot.

Thx Peter


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Thanks for that link.
Not sure how to update/install the application.
Im not so into programming :frowning:

Lets see…

From memory, I think you do it like so:
open the GL UI > Applications > plug-ins > update, then paste in luci-app-watchcat
then click install.

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Is anyone actually using a periodic reboot routine successfully?

The app was recommended in this thread, luci-app-watchcat. I took a quick look, seems it reboots when it detects the connection down. This works if it’s the router issue, but if there is an actual prolonged internet outage, wouldn’t that result in endless reboots? Is there any risk to corrupt the router settings rebooting it continuously hundreds of times a day in such situations?

I’d prefer a scheduled daily reboot, but according to this link it’s not straightforward either…Anyone has a proven solution that works?

The openwrt guide is actually quite good. But you may install luci and just go to scheduled tasks and add the scheduled task.

The format is not difficult but you need take a little time to understand

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