GL-AR300M cannot repeat WEP protected signals?

I’m having trouble getting the AR300M to repeat a signal from WEP based routers. It seems that it depends on the WISP or WDS standard, and if neither of these are supported, then it does not connect or repeat the signal. I was wondering if there is a way I can get the AR300M to repeat the signal since I can repeat it from other devices. I would guess it needs to connect to it like a repeater-bridge, though how come stuff like Linksys repeaters don’t need special exceptions for this?

Hi, I am not sure what you mean “WEP based routers”. It is WEP encryption?

WISP works for all kinds of router and don’t have an issue with encryption. It doesn’t need to be supported by your main router because it should be supported. The mini router just works as a client so I don’t know there is a reason WISP doesn’t work.

Sorry for the late reply. I tried to connect to two different access points which use WEP based encryption. Actually, both APs are from the same ISP and use an older router which is why they use WEP and not WPA2. What seems to happen is that if I hit the connect button using WISP or the other mode provided, all it does is sit there. Basically, nothing happens when I hit the connect button. I’m not sure if this is particularly a problem with this ISP’s router. I was under the impression WISP needs to be supported by the router so that it can provide information to the repeater. However, I did ask myself why if any old adapter can connect to WEP without it needing any extraneous information, then why couldn’t the repeater? I’m pretty satisfied with the repeater and am waiting for the 5ghz one to come out now.

What is the password of the WEP router? It should be 5 or 13 character long, right?

What is your firmware version? Please use v2.25 if it is not. We did added support to connect to WEP in the firmware.

The password is actually a 10-digit numerical number. I’ve also tried another AP with a 10-digit hexadecimal password. Both do not connect and nothing happens when I push the connect button to them in the GUI. No error. It came pre-installed with the latest firmware already. It seems to have no problem connecting to any WPA2 based access point. I actually returned the 2.4ghz version of the router and am waiting for the 5ghz one to come out. Though I do have some older AP that do use WEP still and would like to get it to work. By the way, a question I also have which isn’t related. Is it going to be possible to take an input 5ghz or dualband 2ghz/5ghz AP and repeat it solely as 2.4ghz, as 2.4ghz 802.11b travels further. The obvious consequence is the bandwidth would be capped at the 2.4ghz maximum.

Checked technical docs, WEP keys can be the following or more:

40- or 64-bit WEP: 10 digit key (5 ASCII characters)

104- or 128-bit WEP: 26 digit key (13 ASCII characters)

256-bit WEP: 58 digit key (29 ASCII characters)

Unfortunately in our UI we only deal with 5 or 13 ASCII characters. OpenWrt can deal all of this. So we have to improve the UI.

You are correct about 2.4G/5G.

Ok, I figured it had to do with something like that as I’ve had issues in Linux with connecting to WEP APs. I usually have to use the network-manager to connect instead of the shell, but WPA/2 has no problem. Waiting on the 5ghz version to come out and will purchase that.