GL-AR300M Change index.html?

Is there a way to change the index.html file that is loaded when you first load into the webserver? I tried replacing it but it still serves me the same user login page. I have everything set like password, etc… Just want to be able to go to and my webpage open only that I uploaded.

IF possible is there way to have an offline server where I put in the address as a name instead of an IP numbers?

How’d you change it? I’m no expert on OpenWRT, but IIRC there’s a read-only “base” partition, then they use an “overlay” mount that’s backed by the flash storage for user-configuration stuff (this provides storage integrity so you can just pull the plug instead of having to do explicit shutdowns). If you didn’t make changes to the read-only part then it won’t survive reboots.

(… of course, if you’ve built from source and flashed that, you’re already aware of this.)

Thank you so much Kennethrc! I couldn’t figure out how the index.html was being changed back to the original after I kept deleting and uploading a new one. Now to search for info on that read only partition.

Let do this

To change index.html, find /usr/share/glweb
Replace the index.html file. This is all what you should do.