GL-AR300m connect to network with wifi then computer with LAN

I have a GL-AR300M16 I use for traveling. Usually, I connect it to public wifi (airport, guest wifi, hotel wifi etc.) then I connect my devices to the AR300 by wifi too. I think this mode of operation is technically using the AR300M is acting as a wifi repeater.

In some cases (to preserve battery life of my device), I would like to connect my AR300M to the public wifi, then connect the AR300M to my computer with a LAN cable. I couldn’t find out how to do this. Is it possible? what is this mode of operation called?

You can just connect your computer via LAN cable and the other part are the same.

Ok, I actually tried it and it seemed to work. It’s possible I concluded it didn’t work because there are no LEDs on the LAN jacks.