Do you have an estimate for when the ac part for GL-AR300M(D) will be ready? I’d love this router with the ac part included and either a 2db antenna or a 5db antenna included. Also I did not see any software for it yet. Look forward to buying one in the near future.

The firmware is the same as other devices. So you will see a totally same UI, except, the available space will be more than 100MB.

We have a few pieces of the the 5G module. The problem is the open source driver is not very stable now and it is hot. We need to add a heat sink, maybe.

I also can’t wait to hear when the AC module will be released! Looking forward to purchasing many of these in the future.

So with the add on board do I have to solder or is it snap and play? You could use a tiny heatsink like raspberry pi does. And as for the antennae do I need two or just one?

@dvdivx, we prefer to solder the 5G add on directly on the PCB, although we are using a small connector now.

You should use two antennae for 2.4G if you want external stick. The 5G module is 802.11ac and it only needs one antenna.

Please tell me 3pins & 4pins assignment.

@KOJI, you may refer to

thank you!