GL-AR300M Disconnects randomly outside

I know this is futile trying to get a solution but I have the above router

When I set it up in the house, it works all day, perfectly

I take it outside (for astronomy). It’s not cold, raining etc BUT there are more Wifi devices around

It will randomly lose the connection and its infuriating

I believe it is the router, because I setup a CMD.EXE and ping both my PC and my telescope that are attached to the router and they both fail at the same time.

In addition, my main PC randomly cannot connect to the Wifi or will get disconnected

This is useless and infuriating. I tried to optimize the channel etc but nothing.

When I turned off one PC, and stopped remote desktopping in, I could ping my telescope all night and communicate perfectly with it. When I remote desktop into my MiniPC - it starts doing it again but ONLY outside

Any ideas are really appreciated

since you carry it in and out you may as well have an ethernet cable you can drag out with it. :wink:

If the telescope is connected to the mains (and is on the same mains circuit) you could use a Homeplug adapter.