GL-AR300M does not detect Android device for tethering

I read I can tether my phone connecting it to the USB port, but the router does not detect it. My phone only detects a power source and I cannot enable USB tethering. Am I missing something? I have a Nexus 5X running Android 7.1.1.

What is the router model and what is your firmware version?

I don’t have a Nexus. I just tested again in my HTC and it works. The phone is identified as usb0 in the router.

The router model is in the title, GL-AR300M. I’m running GLI firmware v2.25. It turns out my laptop isn’t detecting my phone, either so it must be an issue with my phone. Very strange, it was working before.

EDIT: It was a hardware failure with my phone. I RMA’ed it and the replacement is working.