GL-AR300M-Ext Admin Panel upgrade doesn’t work


When I click on the Download button in the Admin Panel > Upgrade section, either nothing happens, or it shows 0% for a few seconds then the Download button is displayed again but nothing got updated.
I also tried to enable the auto upgrade, but it didn’t work either.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You have a very old version of firmware running on your AR300M. To get my AR300M to firmware 4.3.7, I had to first download 3.216 to my PC via the GL iNet firmware page, and then do a local upgrade to 3.216. Once I was on 3.216, I then downloaded 4.3.7 to my PC, and did a local upgrade to 4.3.7.

Do not keep your settings when doing this upgrade

NOTE: I’m just a user and not an employee of GL iNet.

I am confused, I am talking about the Admin Panel upgrade, not the firmware, it says the latest version for it is 3.203.

That info is not correct and I agree that it is very confusing. Someone from GL iNet support will need to explain why it is showing the latest firmware is 3.203, as 3.203 is very old firmware.

I own multiple GL iNet routers, and I have found that upgrading firmware is not always well documented nor is the information presented always correct. Many times upgrading firmware is harder then it needs to be.

Maybe someone from GL iNet support can comment on why the page is saying 3.203 is current.

So that is the firmware. However as mentioned by @eric you may need to update to 3.216 before going to the latest 4.3.7. You can find those here.

Ok, I was able to incrementally upgrade, the UI and different version naming confused me (I thought there was one version for the firmware, one for the admin UI), thanks!

I remember reading… firmware can’t upgrade from 3.x to 4.x. Have to download the firmware and manually upgrade it through the UI. But looks like you’ve got it done… but for anyone else that searches in the future…