GL-AR300M-ext antennas work independently?


I just picked up a ARM300m-ext from (I’m in Canada) and updated to the latest firmware 3.0.19. I also got a pair of external 7dbi antennas as well ( I stay in hotels regularly and the internet service via wifi in some hotels is pretty weak and that was the reason for getting this router with external antennas.

From what I’ve read here, the two antennas work together to get you the 300mbps speed. So using 1 2dbi antenna and 1 7dbi antenna wouldn’t work to get a better hotel wifi signal to be rebroadcast using the 2dbi antenna to my hotel room and my local devices. Is that still the case?

I’ll be testing this travel router out this weekend on my next visit to a hotel. Of course, in the ideal world, each hotel room would have an ethernet jack that provides the internet connection. Then using the router as a traditional wifi access point would be trivial.



You might need to use two identical antenna to keep balance, both of them should be 7dbi. If one is 2dbi, another one is 7dbi, it won’t be effective.

btw, it has to do with the router’s tx power.