Gl-ar300m-ext not resetting to factory default

I am trying to reset a gl-ar300m-ext to defaults, because I cannot access it.

I am following the procedure: while it is powered, I am pressing the reset button for 10 seconds, until the middle green led starts blinking faster, then I release the button. Then I replug power to restart the device, but it seems that it keeps the old settings, so it is not reset to factory defaults.

Please help (I cannot follow uboot recovery because my laptop does not have ethernet port, so I cannot connect to the gl-ar300m-ext directly).

It will reboot automatically when the led starts blinking faster(than faster actually, there are two levels, one for reset network, and one for factory reset), so you don’t need to replug power.

And you have a second choice, you can do sysupgrade without keep setting if you can connect its wifi.

Do you remember what firmware you’re using, maybe it’s a revised one.

It is sad, but I carry a USB to Ethernet adapter, and a short Ethernet cable just in case I ever have to reload the firmware on my GL iNet router while I am on travel. I don’t feel you can depend on the router without having an Ethernet connection.

You should wait for some time (~10 minutes) with the LED blinking fast and do not unplug/replug the power during that time.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

That’s very interesting information, I will try this out. It would be extremely helpful to have those details added to the documentation (exact steps for reseting to factory, led status, power status etc). Especially if this depends on firmware (this information should be included in the firmware changelog).

Out of curiosity, where can I see this in the source code?

This is a bit confusing, since there are multiple LED blinking speeds. So when should the reset button be released? And how long to wait after that? During waiting, what is the behavior of the LED? How do I know when it finished resetting itself?

(again all this should be documented somewhere, it will save a lot of time…)

You can refer to:

It’s script, path is /usr/bin/button_released

I have already read the above, but it is missing a lot of details.

For example, it says " Press and hold the reset button for 4 seconds then release to repair your network.", what does this mean? What does it practically mean to “reset the network”?

Then it says " Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds then release to reset the router to factory settings. All user data will be cleared." But it doesn’t say that you don’t need to reboot. It doesn’t say anything about the blinking LEDs. It doesn’t say exactly when you know it has been reset.

Can you please be more specific? Where is that? In which git repo? Please provide a direct link.

It was somewhat confusing the first time I did a reset and the router kept the old settings. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I agree that more explanation would be helpful in the documentation.

It takes some time for the router to format and set up the internal storage filesystems, but I think 10 minutes is pretty safe (15 minutes is you are not in a rush).

So when do you stop pressing the reset button? When the middle led blinks faster (how fast? there are multiple speeds).

How do you know the router is busy, in the process of resetting itself?

How do you know when it has finished resetting itself?

Can we please have the answer to the above explicitly documented in that web page of the documentation?

Also, the link to the source code would be helpful.

Sorry for insisting on this, but it is truly frustrating not only being unable to reset the router, but also not having proper documentation and having to search forums and watch videos for it (and yes the official video does still not properly explain it). I see many people suggesting u-boot debricking just because there is lack of clear information on how to simply reset the router…

The documentation should be very short, simple, and precise. For example:

“To reset the router to the factory default settings (WARNING: this wipes all storage and thus will lose any configuration settings, vpn keys, etc), please press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds, while the router is powered on. You will notice the middle led blinking at a rapid rate after a few seconds, and an even faster blinking rate after 7 seconds or so [could also mention the exact blinking rate]. At that point you may release the reset button. Please keep the router powered and wait until the middle led stops blinking, at which point the router will have reset itself, and rebooted to the factory defaults. This process of restoring factory defaults includes formatting and setting up the internal storage filesystems, and may last about 10-15 minutes (during which the middle led will keep blinking at the fastest rate).”

Could someone also clarify what “Repair network” really means or does? (" Press and hold the reset button for 4 seconds then release to repair your network.").

“/usr/bin/button_released” is on the router file system. Ssh into the router and you can check it.

I’ll forward to team to improve the docs, thanks for all you guys advice.

This is used to set the network back to IP to br-lan network interface and some other settings. For instance, when you set the router network mode to AP but didn’t get an IP address to access it, you need to repair network.

Why is this not in any git repository?

OK, could we add all of that to the documentation (with details, what “some other settings” means)? Otherwise “reset the network” is a useless feature if people do not know exactly what it does, and it is a pity because maybe this is very useful.