GL-AR300M-Ext Shadow mismatched external antennas?

Hi there, I found an older post which explained that the Shadow uses both external antennas as both AP and STA when in repeater mode.

If I connect a directional antenna to one of the external connectors, and use an omni on the other, and place the router in repeater mode when connected to a distant AP over the directional antenna… will the wifi chip be sending my LAN traffic over both antennas, or does it figure out which remote transceivers are visible from which antenna and more-or-less automatically optimize which one is used for WAN vs for LAN?

I’m mostly just curious, I think I will do what some others have done and use a Mediatek 3070 or RTL8187 USB wifi dongle for my WAN antenna. But it would be nice to know how this works on a GL-AR300M-Ext with no dongle.

The two antenna, whatever kind of type you connect, works as TX and RX at the same time.

Okay thank you, that’s what I thought. I’ve purchased a wifi dongle with a 3070 chipset and will attempt to use that for connecting to the remote wifi access point as WAN.

You have to match the antennas for best performance - the radio on AR300M is a 2*2:2 MIMO device where both antennas transmit and receive.

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