GL-AR300M have DDNS service?

I want to know dose GL-AR300M have the DDNS setting come with it?

The Luci interface has a ddns service. Install luci-app-ddns. I am using it on firmware 2.27.

Yes it does have it!

How about is it the. Smart router itself is plug and play will it automatically make the modem open port ?

we will use cloud controlled platform other than ddns soon.

Why change it to cloud? I need the ddns for the DVR

If you use DDNS you need to have a public Internet IP address. In most cases, the mini router is used behind another router so DDNS actually doesn’t work at all. You need to use port forwarder. Even you do this, your ISP may block incoming data.

If you want to use DDNS, you can use other DDNS services. There is a luci package called luci-app-ddns which you can use to set up different DDNS services.

GL-AR300M have DDNS service now. DDNS - GL.iNet Docs