GL-AR300M Host website?

Is it possible to just have the router host a website offline? Nothing special just a webpage, no need for no VPN. I can’t find a decent tutorial for just showing how to setup a webpage/website on this thing.

Yes, possible. However, there might be some “dirty effects” on the clients device. I.e. on Android, it will permanently ask for internet connection.
Of course, this also can be handled. With some software. Which is not for free, at least not from me.

Is the website just static pages? yes of course. The UI of the router is website as well.

You can do this:

For example, you web site is “myweb” and it has “index.html” and “somefile.html”, just put them in /www/myweb/index.html and /www/myweb/somefile.html

Then you will be able to visit as

Thank you so much! Right now I don’t know what I did but I am trying to set everything back to factory reset conditions where I have a UI page again.

I downloaded openwrt-ar300m-2.264 but it gives me a new Network called “GL-ARM300M-95C-Nor”

I have to figure out how to get back to the factory reset settings to log into the normal login page with my AR300m-Lite

Figured out how to log in again!

Thanks! So glad I am not a quitter!

Got it work now already?

Yep thank you so much!