GL-AR300M + Huawei E3372 is modem or tethering?

Can anyone can tell me Huawei E3372 attach to GL-AR300M is modem or tethering?

because modem is real ip and tethering is behind NAT(if my concept is wrong, please correct me thx)

because, i’m testing the some travel sim marked “CANNOT FOR TETHERING”, I want use openvpn to break the isp blocked tethering (if the isp is use TTL to check the tethering)

so, i target the huawei e3372, but i need to know it is modem or tethering.

thank you!

E3372 is hostless so it always works as tethering

I think the 3372 uses, so you will need to change the router LAN IP to something else to get it to work.

If e3372 use 192.168.8.x and at tethering, Means it is NAT, cannot fit my test environment.

Any member can tell me which USB modem device can run at modem mode (not at tethering) and supported at gl-ar300m.

Thank you!

Check here. Don’t use hostless modem.