GL-AR300M Memory full

I have installed 4 packages only after a reset. Memory used was very less that time. After 4 months, i have noticed 128MB memory is full.

I dont think new packages are auto installed so it must be some log files or downloaded files somehow stored in internal memory rather than on external HDD.

Not sure how to clean up. Any advise appreciated.

Can you tell us what the packages are please?

Minidlna, transmission Torrent, tcpdump, always use VPN.
TCP dump i use very rare, but rest 3 always.

Might be the index db for minidlna. Most people run it with an external mounted drive. As minidlna keeps building its database it consumes more memory.

Do a search for minidlna and memory usage and you’ll find many instances of this happening.

As Peter said, minidlna consume a lot of memory. We aren’t experienced on it, but maybe this post can help you.

I did a factory reset - all good now.