GL-AR300M repeater problem

I have purchased a GL-AR300M router with the intention of using it as a wifi repeater when travelling (camping, hotel,etc). As a test, I linked the router via wifi to my home wifi network but I am not getting internet connection. The pairing is ok according to what I can see because I see paired devices in the router’s dashboard but the devices are apparently not getting any data from the router.
I have no idea what is going wrong because I have done the configuration as indicated in the manual I think? I am not a network specialist and am probably forgetting something in the configuration,so please any support.
thanks for your time.

Sounds silly but give your main home router a reboot then restart the GL-AR300M and give it another try. I’ve had similar where would connect but not send any data, reboot main router and all started working immediately. Might not be that simple but would be silly if it was and you didn’t try it… Otherwise will need to list more info on exactly what was done

if the tips above did not help, you may need to reset or update the firmware of your AR300M locally WITHOUT saving the settings. Unfortunately, you will have to repeat the initial setup of the router again. If my tip did not help, make sure that your upstream router does not restrict Internet access for the AR300M.

Appreciate it if you post with screenshot etc.

Hi, to all those who have sent me a reply thank you !
at the moment I have the device paired as a repeater and it works. I haven’t changed anything in the settings but reset the router a few times. hopefully when moving outside the house it will work just as well because interfering with an external network is obviously not possible.

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