GL-AR300M -- Shadowsocks [SystemWide]

Hello, I am looking for assistance configuring the GL-AR300M v2.261 to route all traffic through a shadowsocks (Socks5) proxy.

When referencing configuration, I am referring to the OpenWRT Luci under Services > Shadowsocks (not my image but this is what it looks like,

I have gone to “Servers Manage” and added

    • Alias: shadow
    • Server Address: (2&4th octet replaced)
    • Server Port: 8388
    • Password: (verified to be correct)
    • Directly Key: (left blank)
    • Encrypt Method: AES-256-CFB
    • Plugin Name: (left blank)
    • Plugin arguments: (left blank)

Startup delay: 40 seconds


I reboot the device and wait a few minutes, anndd… its not working? shows the proxy is not working.

I am not an expert and any help with this is greatly appreciated



I should note that the device is acting as a bridge, or rather repeater, with interfaces Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Me (phone, computer, etc) - OpenWrt repeater - Router - Internet



This is a bug in MT300A running shadowsocks.

You need to ssh to the router and make a symbol link

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

By the way, why it is working as bridge? Seems it is WISP repeater.

Just got my terminology mixed up, it is a WISP Repeater – not a bridge.

Running command above outputs

“ln: /usr/lib/ File exists”

can you pls post a screenshot of you ss setup? pls mark your credentials