GL-AR300m SPI Uboot reflash, need help from anyone with a dump file. Thx

I’ve done a bit of research, (and have done this on 2 other devices) I just really only need a clean dump file for the Uboot restore if anyone would be so kind. Thanks in advance to anyone that could help please.

GL-AR300M-Ext (Nor and Nand) 16/128 128ram
winbond 25q128jvsq 2037

Hi Dick, dunno your problem, but I was able to flash “partition by partition” using the dump Misujr kindly uploaded to help recover the box. It was on Mega, if I remember right. Check if it is still present… If he already removed it I can upload it again, but you’ll have to wait a few days, as I’m not home.
finger crossed for the recovery!

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You’re a life saver ! :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response! (I’m expecting my SPI tool in the mail the next couple hours lol)
I did read and tried to get the dump from there but it was removed / expired.
OH! and if you have info on the “Partition to partition” copy that would help me a ton too :slight_smile:

I’ll pass you the link in a few days…no prob! About the recover… You’ll have to flash the whole dump. After, by only using the uboot console, you can flash the Nor partition and upgrade the uboot partition, and the nand partition, one by one. Don’t use the GUI of uboot, as there is a bug with the size of the nand you can upload. It is too big and the flash of the nand section will always fail. Just use uboot console with a tftp server. You’ll need a serial to usb adapter. Do you own one?
I’ll try to link you the hints I gathered, if you can’t find them.

Yep, I have a FT232RL ready for tftp. the SPI tool and the Uboot are all I’m missing atm.
Thx for the effort so far :slight_smile:
I was wondering why all the NAND flashes I tried failed :P. I thought Uboot was the issue, then my brain went into TL;DR mode and I thought “what’s the worst that could happen”. So, ya, here I am lol

This is the link to the dump…the mac addresses are random, therefore you need to flash the art partition as well, which is provided by the customer service on gl.inet, if you don’t have it backed up (which is the case I think).
The hassle is frequent and therefore deprorable, but at least the customer service is prompt and precise, as I was answered directly by the guru, Alzhao. Once you flash the entire dump on the box you’ll be able to use the uboot console, that is a very capable environment to recover the several parts of the box. That usb to uart adapter will be in stong team with uboot console. You’ll be sorted as soon as you figure out how to use the uboot console and the included scripts to flash sections of the chips.
Hope you have all tools and knowledge ready in a short time and wish you good luck with the recovery!

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Thanks again for the help :slight_smile:
I’ll do a bit more study about how to get my ART partition redone. The info on the net is rather sparse.

I saw only now you sorted, apparently. I an sorry, but happy to deduce you’re online.
Did you find it intuitive, in the end? Lol, when I saw how old was the dump and the custom owrt version, I admit I had a twitch.
But everything is perfectly updatable, after.

Congrats for your success!

Bump. Can anyone send me clean ar300m flash dump? I need this because of router brick… I need to program and solder new winbond chip. Glinet support tells me, that they no longer support this router :open_mouth: so I cannot do anything and receive dump from them.

You can consider digikey if you want to buy components, in a few pieces.

I have Winbond W25Q128FV chip, but what I need is only dump from working router.
Anyone can help and send me priv full clean dump? Can be with randomly generated s/n and MAC on ART partition. I can put data from my router through hex editor. I would also be grateful if someone gave information where to locate the ART partition to replace this data.

You send me the photo of the bottom sticker and I will generate art for you.

Are you sure you can’t resort to uboot console? It’s going to be immensely easier, if you can use it. Art and data are located in different partitions, and using the built-in commands of uboot you can flash those automagically!