GL-AR300M unable to flash past 2.26

I have an AR300M that has hasn’t been updated in some time.

The *.8.1 web UI says firmware version 2.26
At the bottom of the screen it says model ar300m NOR

I am under the impression this model is both NOR and NAND

I tried updating to the latest firmware via the web interface:

However, I either get an error that the firmware is not correct for the hardware or it will fail (*.tar). Tried from both a linux and windows machines. I had to recover using the uboot webUI (open wrt-ar300m.img). When I recover I can only look firmware 3.105, anything newer and it won’t accept it.

Try download the newer version of firmware, both Nand (.img) and Nor (.bin)

Then in uboot, flash both firmware then check. Yes you need to do uboot two times.