GL-AR300M unable to setup 802.11s mesh-point

I wanted to use a spare GL-AR300M as a mesh satellite to extend coverage of my wireless network. However, when I add 802.11s connection on wireless radio, I always get error “Wireless is not associated”

I’m on the latest version (3.212) and package wpad-openssl was already installed. Any idea what can be going wrong? Do I need to install anymore package, driver, etc?

Ok, I upgraded to openwrt 21 vanilla firmware for this router. I was able to successfully setup mesh-point now. However now there is another issue. The mesh runs fine if I don’t use any encryption on mesh-point connection, however If i set WPA3-SAE encryption (i.e. only one supported by 802.11s), it still shows encryption as none as is not able to connect with master node.
If anyone has setup mesh using gl-ar300m, can anybody tell if it works for you?