GL-AR300M VPN Client Issues

Hi, I bought a GL-AR300M Mini Router and its not working as expected.

Ive setup a VPNServer at home with both access to the Internet and local network.

Now im abroad on AIRBNB and successfully connected my phone to AIRBNB Router where I setup OpenVPN app on my phone and connected it to my home VPN Server. I can see my IP as my home’s and every web site I open, does it inmediately and correctly. Microsoft Teams is working too, just cant connect to my companys Teams because my phone doesnt has the correct clearance.

I connected sucessfully the GL-AR300M to the same AIRBNB Router via WIFI and setup the VPN by following the tutorial and its now connected and with a green dot showing incoming and outgoing data.

Now, when I connect my laptop (or any of my 2 phones) to the GL-AR300M Router, some websites like Google work, and some like wont.

I browsed this forum and found a suggestion to set custom DNS Server to DNS over TLS to Cloudfare and it mitigated the problem… Most websites load but very very slowly or by refreshing them a lot, some never load like or microsoft teams website or desktop Application.

Topology would be like
DOESNT WORK: Laptop → GL-AR300M → AIRBNB ROUTER → (Internet) → VPNServer ROUTER → (Internet)
WORKS NO PROBLEM: Phone → OpenVPN app → AIRBNB ROUTER → (Internet) → VPNServer ROUTER → (Internet)

Please help! I dont see any final solution to this problem on the forums for the GL-AR300M

I added credentials to my phone to confirm that using openvpn app and connecting directly to AIRBNB router allows me to sign into teams with no problem.

Laptop cant open when connected to GL-AR300M router with VPN connected, I dont know what else i need to tweak to just allow and tunnel everything to the VPN server router


I was about to give up trying to set up the AR300M16 and just throw it into a drawer for it to become forever forgotten when I decided to download 4.3.7 beta firmware and manually flash it.

I chose to wipe all settings and starr over. After the update, once again I set up the OpenVPN and now everything works flawlessly!

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