GL-AR300M VPN Passthrough?

I just purchased a GL-AR300M (fw version 3.216). I’m using it in repeater mode to bridge a Wifi network to two devices using the 2 ethernet ports. (I configured the WAN port as LAN.)

One device is a PC and the other is a SIP phone (Win10Pro and Yealing T27G).

The 2 devices work perfectly (almost) in that they seem to have full access to the internet and are fully functional.

Unfortunately, I can no longer connect to the corporate VPN server at even though I’m able to ping the server from the PC.

It appears the GL-AR300M is blocking the VPN traffic for some reason. I have not found any way to turn off/disable the firewall.

I have confirmed that VPN connection works just fine if I eliminate GL-AR300M, but that’s not a viable solution since it requires moving the PC into the living room next to the wireless router in order to connect directly with an ethernet cable.

I am using the built in Windows VPN client with the L2TP/IPsec with pre-shared key VPN type. I don’t think that matters, but if there is information you need from the PC, let me know and I’ll post it.

Does anyone know how to allow VPN connections to passthrough the GL-AR300M?

You can try Extender network mode (instead of Router network mode) for your use case via Admin Panel → NETWORK → Network Mode.

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