GL-AR300M vs GL-AR300M-ext


I’m wondering about buying one of your little guys. Which version should I choose? Extended version or normal? What’s the range of the normal version? That’s the only difference right?



Yes. I believe this is the only difference. Internal antenna version has great wifi performance already.

Do the external 2di antennas (such as on the GL-MT300A-EXT) make any difference to the wireless range over the internal antennas (such as on the GL-MT300A) ?


What dbi are the internal ones ?

The internal one also provide 2.x dbi. But it is not as good as the external one. One advantage of the external one is that you can change antenna to a bigger one.

I don’t there is big difference between internal and external 2dbi.

Moar informations about dbi and antennas

I chose a 7dbi antenna to use it as a bridge outside to bring connectivity inside my van.