GL AR300M "wget Bad address" and "signature check failed" updating software


First off while I’m not an expert in linux systems or networking I do have a background and I’m totally willing to learn if anyone is happy to give some advice :slight_smile:

I have the GL AR300M, with an idea to set it up as a wireless hotspot using a captive portal like CoovaChilli for local businesses to offer free wifi in say 30min increments in exchange for them taking an action which helps the business like giving their FB page a like or giving an email or something small and low effort.

I’m looking to install coovachilli and then play about but having an essue where in the advanced settings of the firmware (the luci gui for OpenWRT) when trying to update package lists I am getting “Signature check failed” and "wget: bad address ‘’ " when trying to update. I also can’t ping out to other networks so I guess this is a DNS issue. I’ve also tried commenting out the option check_signature in the OPKG configuration in luci and just get the wget errors.

Can anyone help with what I should be doing to modify DNS settings in my case and if that’s right?

The AR300M is plugged into my laptop using the LAN cable, the laptop is wirelessly connected to my wireless router/hub. Guessing there is the issue, now just need the workaround?


If anyone could help it’d be much appreciated, and any coova-chill or captive portal experience would be awesome - Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need to connect the AR300M > router/hub instead of your laptop.

He is connecting the router to his another wireless router so it should be OK.

But I wonder if the wireless connection is really built?

Can you attache a screenshot of the Internet status page?

After a factory reset and reconnecting through my laptop, hooked up wirelessly - now working :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompts, think i’d messed with some settings, best to start from scratch