GL-AR300M with LEDE trunk?

just a quick one: is it “save” to flash LEDE trunk to above router after applying this PR from gl-inet?

do you mean “safe”?

In LEDE there is NOR firmware for AR300M, yet no nand firmware yet. So if you want to use nor flash version, you can try LEDE.

Hi alzhao,

sorry for that, clearly a typo …:wink:

I’m looking for the nand flash version (referenced in this pull request

Is there any toggle to switch between nand and nor version?


@dibdot, let talk with openwrt and lede to see if they can accept the patch.

By default the nand firmware will always boot. If it fails 3 times the nor version will boot. Is it necessary to try the nor version if you have the nand version working?

@alzhao, thanks I’ll wait until the patch is in LEDE trunk and test than.

Is it possible to boot the nand version and flash the nor version (and vice versa)?

Thanks again!

@alzhao any news on this topic?

The original pull request (see above) has been closed a while ago and I can’t see further activities in supporting LEDE trunk … which is very disappointing.

sorry not too much progress in this thread. Believe me I am more concerned on this than others, but don’t have engineers working on this. I have to find time to do it myself.

I forked LEDE trunk and applied AR300M Nand patch. The patch will be submitted to LEDE later.


Many thanks for that! I’ll checkout your fork later today … have a good start in 2017! :slight_smile:

Built and installed the lede-ar300m fork w/NAND patch successfully.


Thanks, Alfie!

Hi, can you apply patch to stable release 17.01.0?

I tried, It compilated, but it’s not booting :confused:

I forked 17.01 several days ago GitHub - domino-team/lede-1701: a clone of lede-1701 and add patches for GL's new devices

Will move the AR300M patch there.

Have u done it?
I can’t see any patch for AR300M in commit list :confused:

I would love to see a working version for the GL-AR300M in the LEDE trunk, too!

Hope this will happen soon.
Any way to help?


when you plan to add AR300M patch to GitHub - domino-team/lede-1701: a clone of lede-1701 and add patches for GL's new devices ?


Sorry to hurry you :slight_smile:

Is finally LEDE 1701 trunk working with AR300M in NAND mode? Is it necessary to manually apply the patches (0001-add-support-for-GL-AR300M-NAND-flash-support.patch)?

still waiting, too

AR300M nand patch is only in our own github. I really don’t know how to get this accepted

gl-inet · GitHub (this is the new link)

So still more complicated yes. (Don’t get angry Alzao). I know patches are only in Gli repositories not in LEDE official.

Actual repository for all devices including AR300M with NAND flash is:

and not any other.

With all due respect to the participants trying to make this work, I can make neither head nor tail of the above discussion.

May I ask (with some bluntness):

How should one proceed to make a NAND-image of LEDE for the AR300M as of now?