GL AR300M won't retain configuration

I have just received my AR300M and first impressions are good but I have a slight issue where any configuration changes I make are not saved after a reboot or power cycle.

Has anyone has any experience with this and why it would be happening?

Every time I reboot or power cycle the device it always asks me to re-enter location and default password information. Annoying I only realised it was doing this after I had setup my config so I lost the lot.


If you are not using firmware v2.25, upgrade without reserving settings.

If you have v2.25 already, after you login the system, go to firmware part and do a revert to factory default.

I am already on v2.25 and am just running through the revert to factory default now.

Can I just ask why this would help? It looks to be reverting to factory every time it gets rebooted anyway.



From a previous thread

" I was able to resolve the issue by myself by changing the root PW in ‘advanced Settings’ and hitting ‘save and apply’. After reboot, the router showed the login screen without asking for first time setup and the device works like a charm. Maybe that helps for sjgieson as well ?"

If that doesn’t work, try searching AR300M settings in the forum.


Something mess up the flash storage and flash cannot be mounted correctly. Doing a “revert” to clean all data helps.

Thanks for the replies.

A factory reset from the advanced section seems to do the trick and its now keeping the changes I make.