GL-AR300M16 and ShadowSocks

Hello! I just bought this fantastic piece of engineering (the EU market has only the NAND version), and delighted with it! But in my use case, I have to use the Shadowsocks client on it, and unfortunately, I can’t find the gl-ss package. It would be pretty annoying to figure out that this wonderful device doesn’t support this feature. I believe 2MB of spare space should be enough for this package, so what is the problem? I would be very grateful for any advice.

Edit: It seems like this package was available for v19.07.7, but for some reason is not available for v19.07.8 anymore. It would be really nice to have a fix for it :slight_smile:

Due to some legal risks, we do not offer this package in the GL repository.
It means you may need to ask help from openwrt community